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Quiet Light Counseling

Online and In-Person Therapy in Connecticut


Kindling hope. Strengthening families.

Welcome! I am so happy you are here. My name is Lauren Buckley and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Connecticut. Quiet Light Counseling is conveniently located in Wilton, CT for in-person therapy; easily accessible from all of Fairfield County! I am also available for therapy via telehealth for residents of Connecticut.

I believe that hopeful, healthy and strong families are the backbone of a thriving society

As a provider of postpartum therapy and couples counseling in Connecticut, I am here to support and guide you on your journey to becoming a hopeful, healthy and strong family. Having “a village” really is important to thrive as a family and I would love to be part of your village. 


Perhaps you are a new or expectant mother and are struggling with:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • finding your place or your groove in this new role

Do you find that you are comparing yourself to others or what you see on social media and thinking, “why does it seem like everything comes so easy to everyone else while I’m over here struggling so much?!” 

Did you experience something during your pregnancy or birth that keeps coming back up for you? Is it sitting with you and making you feel sad, anxious, angry or uncomfortable?

Do you feel isolated, overwhelmed or alone? Does it appear to everyone else like you are holding it together but inside you are crumbling?

Maybe your relationship is struggling after having your baby and you are resentful or feeling anger or rage toward your partner?

You don't have to experience these feelings alone and I promise, it won't feel like this forever. Together, we will work on getting you to a place where you can be well and enjoy your baby and your relationship again.

Are you a couple who is seeking couples counseling services? Do you ever think back to how hopeful you felt when you got married and wonder how you got to the place you are now?


Perhaps you are feeling:

  • disconnected

  • hopeless about the future together

  • lost in terms of what your partner needs or wants from you

  • a lack of sexual intimacy or lacking in the desire to hug, kiss or even hold hands

  • that you can’t even communicate without arguing

  • resentful toward your partner or as if you are carrying the whole “load” of the household

Let me help restore hope and strengthen your family’s future

Whether you are a new parent or a couple who has been together for years, all of the above feelings can be explored and thoughtfully worked through during our sessions together. My clients leave their sessions discovering the root causes of their feelings and with a plan to work on how to move toward a more hopeful, healthy, happy, and meaningful place. Our main work will involve you learning the skills and tools you need to be a successful parent, spouse and most important, to feel confident and emotionally prepared to be your best self. You will learn methods of self-care and understand how taking care of yourself will allow you to show up better for others in your life.


Postpartum Counseling at Quiet Light Counseling in Connecticut
Couples Counseling at Quiet Light Counseling in Connecticut

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How To Get Started...

I am a firm believer that taking the first step is the hardest part of the work. I promise, it gets easier after you get over that initial hump.

My person-centered approach to therapy will make it quick and comfortable to book our first appointment.

Once you email or call me, we will compare calendars and set up an appointment that is convenient for you. I make it a priority to respond to all of my calls and emails within 24 hours, which means we can get an appointment on the books within a day of contacting me.

I do all of my booking myself, so you will always speak directly with me when you call or email. 

Click the "Start Now" button below to send me an email or call me at 203.589.1217

Quiet Light Counseling: Postpartum Therapy and Couples Counseling in Connecticut
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