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Lauren Buckley

Hi and Welcome! 

Taking the leap to reach out for therapy isn’t easy and I am so glad you are here. My single most important job as your therapist is to support you in a nonjudgmental way. Therapy can only work if we build a solid, trusting relationship where we will get you where you need to be by working as a team. I take it very seriously that people let me into their lives in their most vulnerable moments. I recognize what an honor and privilege this is. I always treat my clients with the utmost respect and gratitude for allowing me to be on their journeys with them.


I believe in letting you be your most authentic self during therapy; whether that means laughing, crying, swearing, screaming…whatever it might take to feel like you can express what you need to! My job as your therapist is to allow you the space to express your feelings while giving you tools you can use to help you get to where you want to be. 


I am a mom of 2 and have been with my husband since we were 19. I understand what new parents and couples go through and the daily joys, triumphs, as well as stresses and struggles that go with being a parent and being in a relationship.


I became interested in pregnancy and postpartum therapy because of my own personal experience. After giving birth to my first child, I had postpartum anxiety and depression and didn’t see that there would be a way out of it. However, here I am on the other end and have now made it a passion in my life to help other new parents who are in the same boat. I couldn’t have realized 10 years ago that not only would I fully recover, but that I would be in a space to help others navigate the same struggle.


My hope for my clients is that you realize that, with help, you can fully recover and feel just as good as (or even stronger than) before! My clinical education through postpartum support international consists of intensive perinatal mood and anxiety disorders training as well as advanced perinatal mental health psychotherapy training. This professional training, along with my personal experiences, has allowed me to help new parents get through what can sometimes be a very difficult season of life. 


During my training in perinatal mental health, I realized that so much of my work involved couples. I became interested in the dynamic of couples and in what really makes a marriage work, especially after having children. Most studies tell us there is a significant decline in relationship satisfaction within the first 3 years of having a child.


I am Level 1 trained in Gottman Couples Therapy which I have witnessed to be a very successful method to utilize with the couples I work with. Gottman therapy works because it gets to the core of a relationship by intentionally working on rekindling your friendship. Friendship is critical to a relationship’s long-term health. All other aspects of a relationship, including communication, stem from a solid friendship of two people who can develop fondness of and admiration for each other. Even if you have lost that in your current relationship, it is possible to get it back in our work together.


In my free time (who has free time with two little kids?!) I enjoy simply relaxing, reading, exercising, loving on my dog, Lucy (pictured), and am always up for a cup of coffee, any type of food or a good glass of bourbon or pinot noir! 


If it sounds like I would be a good fit as your therapist, please know that I would be honored to work with you. In working with me, you will find a great deal of support, a little bit of soft challenging when I know you can handle being pushed, and someone who will truly be in your corner. 

I am proud of you for taking the first step by looking into therapy. I know it can be scary, but you are ready! Click the button below to email me so we can get started together as soon as next week.

Lauren Buckley of Quiet Light Counseling. Postpartum therapy and Couples Counseling in Wilton, CT
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