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Quiet Light Counseling's

Mom's Group

Building Community and Strengthening Families

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Next group begins in August!

Mom's Group Information

Meet other new moms in a safe, non-judgmental and friendly environment. This group is facilitated by Lauren Buckley, LPC, specialized in perinatal mental health and couples counseling. 


Our group will meet one time a week for 8 weeks and cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Physical care for new moms

  • Mental Health & Self Care

  • Nourishing your romantic relationship when you feel you have little left to give

  • The "mental load" and splitting tasks

  • Asking for and allowing yourself to receive help

  • Navigating new friendships and maintaining older friendships

  • Complicated family dynamics/boundaries

  • Guest Presentations may include topics such as: feeding, pelvic health, sleep, nutrition and fitness, etc. 

Group Information

  • Group begins August 2024

  • Offered on Thursdays in-person from 11am-12:00pm                                          (must have 5 participants to run the group)

  • Cost is $250 to enroll for the 8 weeks

  • If interested, please fill in this google form. Once we have at least 5 participants, registration information will be sent via email! 

  • Babies are clearly welcome!!

*Note: If you cannot make this particular day/time, but are still interested, please fill out the google form and indicate this. Depending on interest, I may offer the group on an additional day during the week or on a weekend! 

We are located at 396 Danbury Road, Wilton. Directly across from Wilton High School. 

Testimonials from Mom's Group Participants 2024

Thank you Lauren!! This moms group was exactly what I needed during my maternity leave. I thought you did an awesome job facilitating, choosing topics to discuss and creating a safe space for us. Thanks so much for bringing this group to Wilton!! 

Moving to a new town I found it hard to make friends or meet other women going through being a first time mom, this group helped with that and much more. We covered a wide variety of topics and discussions that were informative and made me feel supported. Would recommend to anyone on maternity leave or in need of support!

Testimonials from Mom's Group Participants 2024

Attending the moms group with Lauren was incredibly beneficial. The supportive environment fostered open discussions about the unique challenges of motherhood, allowing participants to share their experiences and gain insights from one another. Lauren's compassionate facilitation helped create a sense of community and understanding, which was invaluable for emotional well-being. The group sessions provided practical coping strategies and emotional support, making it easier to navigate the complexities of parenting. Overall, the experience was empowering and uplifting, contributing positively to both personal growth and family dynamics.

Testimonials from Mom's Group Participants 2024

I appreciated that the group allowed me to learn more about postpartum, connect with other moms, and feel less alone. It was a safe place to talk about the challenges we face. Lauren was a wonderful facilitator.

It was refreshing to find a group that was hyper-focused on support and actionable advice for new moms. With a newborn, I really needed this candid environment. I looked forward to our meetings each week!

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