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Couples Counseling

Getting married is one of the most hopeful times of a couple’s life. You look ahead at all of the possibilities and all of your hopes and dreams that you want to accomplish separately and together. You feel the world at your fingertips. happens.


Somewhere along the way, couples may lose the hope they once had due to the many stressors we all experience in daily life. We find ourselves fighting more, in conflict about the values we once thought we shared and slowly slipping away from the “best friends” we once were.


No one wants to be in this place and it will take work as a couple to rekindle that feeling of hope you once had…it is possible. I can help you get there together.


Nothing can compare to the joy of a healthy, strong couple, ready to face the world together as a true team with shared values and a shared system of meaning. Let me help you strengthen your family by putting that hope back into your relationship.

Couples Counseling at Quiet Light Counseling in Connecticut

My approach to couples counseling is through the Gottman Method of Couples therapy. This type of therapy allows me to teach my clients the skills needed to:

  • manage conflicts successfully and fairly

  • develop and enhance their friendship

  • create a system or shared meaning/values

  • look forward to the future with hope and a shared vision for success and happiness

  • increase intimacy 


What I like most about Gottman Therapy is that it really gets to the core of a good relationship; creating a strong friendship and shared value systems. This is what truly creates and fosters intimacy and connection. Clients who work with me will learn tools that they can take forward into a successful, healthy and long-lasting relationship. This, in turn, strengthens their entire family and makes life feel happy and hopeful again.

 I can approach your couples therapy from a secular or Catholic perspective, depending on your preference. I also offer pre-martial counseling for couples who want to strengthen their bond and learn essential skills before they say, "I do!"

Couples Counseling Testimonial

"Lauren has been nothing short of a guardian angel. Her caring disposition and knowledge about relationships is evidenced every time we meet. It feels like a collaborative effort toward a new and stronger version of you emerging, which in turn, drives a new opportunity for the relationship. It is not an environment where one partner attacks the other. I would strongly recommend Lauren to any couple or individual looking to grow into the next season of their life in the best way. "

Couples Counseling Testimonial

"We are very happy to have Lauren as our marriage therapist, she is an excellent professional and very knowledgeable. My husband and I felt comfortable and connected with her since the first session. She has helped us so much, she listens to us both and always makes sure to not pick sides. We have seen improvement in our relationship with her guidance, as we learn how to reconnect again. She also has helped me with techniques to manage my anxiety too during the process.

I highly recommend Lauren as a therapist, she is a very reliable person and has a wonderful approach!"

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